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Crochet Superhero Mask Blanket With Free Graph

This week I’m sharing with you a new C2C crochet pattern: Superhero Mask.

Superheroes are cool characters from comic books and movies that kids love and look up to. They wear bright costumes, have special powers, and always choose to help others.

I know how much kids love superheroes so I designed a crochet blanket that you can use to make them a cozy blanket they can snuggle up with.

My Superhero Mask blanket design comes with a free crochet graph that you can find below to download.

It has red and black colors that will look great in any kids room. You can also change the colors based on your favorite color palette.

If you are looking for another superhero-themed blanket design, I made a Spiderman Mask , which is a free pattern, that you should check out.

Below you will find the link to download the free crochet chart for the Superhero Mask blanket as well as useful resources and more information about the full crochet pattern.

I also included a video playlist that will teach you how to C2C crochet.

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Scroll down to read more about this pattern and to download the Free Graph for this design.

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Superhero Mask Blanket Pattern Details

If you need to know what size your project will be and how much yarn you will use, read below.

Crochet Chart Size For The Superhero Mask Blanket

The size of the Superhero Mask graph is 100 squares high by 80 squares wide.

You can use it to make blankets in different sizes by changing the technique and yarn you use. From baby blankets to bed throws, you can make them all with this free crochet graph.

The finished size of your project depends on your technique, stitch of choice, hook size, yarn weight, and your work tension.

Use the Finished Size & Yarn Quantity Calculator to get an idea of how much yarn you will need and how big your project will be.

Colors Used For The Superhero Mask Blanket

This pattern uses the following colors: red, black, and white.

I’ve calculated the number of squares used by each color to make it easier for you to calculate how much yarn you will need to complete your project.

  • Red – 6576
  • Black – 906
  • White – 518
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Superhero Mask Blanket – Written Pattern

The full PDF crochet pattern includes all the information you need to complete this beautiful crochet superhero mask blanket, including my help and support when you get stuck.

  • C2C written pattern 
  • C2C color block pattern 
  • row by row color block pattern for tapestry / intarsia crochet
  • written row by row pattern for tapestry / intarsia crochet
  • the large graph split on multiple pages (4 or more pages)
  • help & support with your project if you are stuck

You can find the written pattern in my Etsy and Patreon shops.

Free Crochet Chart For The Superhero Mask Blanket

Below you can download the crochet graph for this cute Superhero Mask blanket design for free.

It is a one-page graph that you can print out and keep count of your progress. It can be used for both c2c crochet and tapestry crochet.

Superhero Mask by Magic Yarn Pixels - SINGLE PAGE GRAPH

(right click and select “save image as” to download it at full size)

Video Tutorials & Other Resources

Not sure how to use the graph or written instructions? Below you have tutorials and video resources to help you with some of the techniques.

I have created a complete guide to C2C crochet that teaches you everything you need to know about this technique.

If you want to download the PDF version of my c2c guide, you will find it on Patreon when you join as a MagicYarnPixels Supporter.

You will also find a complete collection of helpful c2c tutorial videos on my other youtube channel.

If you are interested in Tapestry or Intarsia crochet, I have put together a playlist of helpful video tutorials from talented crocheters to get you started.

You will find the Tapestry crochet video tutorials in this playlist and the Intarsia crochet video tutorials in this playlist.

Love graphs? Want more value for your money? Join my Patreon family!

Your membership offers you 10 or 5 full PDF written patterns with multipage graph as sold in my shop. Below you can see this month’s crochet patterns.


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